My name is James and I live in the bustling city of Atlanta. We had some pretty serious storms this past spring, and I had to replace my roof. I battled with “Should I do it myself?” or “Should I hire a professional?” for weeks. All of that research kept me awake at night, and I thought I’d share my experience so you don’t have to go through the headache that I did!

What Roofing Basics to Be Aware Of

I am well aware that the roof on my home is just about the most important part of the house. When it comes time to buy a new roof, I want to get informed about the roofing basics so I can determine if installing the roof is something I can do with some experienced DIY friends of mine or if it is best left in the professional roofer’s hands.

It can be hard to tell whether a new roof is necessary or not, but with the help of the resources I can find online, that should not be impossible. Many roofing websites indicate that if the shingles are curling or blistering that it is definitely time to replace it.

I think one of the first things to know about where roofing basics are concerned is whether to get a new roof or repair the existing one. I feel that installing a new roof is probably a safer bet even though it is more expensive. Today’s roofs last so, in the long run, a roof replacement is a good investment to make now.

Replacing an existing roof is something I think that should be done using the same material as before. Replace shingles with shingles or clay tiles with clay tiles.

Things To Know About Roofing

It is important as a property owner to know some of the key roofing basics that come along with roofing and making sure things work out for you in a manner that is worth it. Here are the things to know.

Climate Matters

You will need to understand the climate is going to have a role to play. You will need to get materials that can withstand the climate whether it is cold or hot.

Budget Is Critical

You will want to set down a budget as that is going to determine what materials you can get and who you are going to hire.

Speak With Contractor

You have to sit down and speak with the contractor when it comes to your roofing, and that is not something you will want to overlook. It happens all the time, and that is unfortunate. You want to make sure you are going with a contractor that is on top of things and will be able to guide you.

This is why you want to choose those who are detailed and are going to do a good job with your rooftop at all times. These are the ones who value your time.