I’ve always been one of those guys that are always trying to find the cheapest way to do things. Since we purchased our own home, I  started taking online classes to learn all types of things. Now I’m thinking about taking a course about roofing so we don’t have to hire anyone if there is a problem. While I like the fact that I’m being resourceful and trying to learn something new, I am not sure how I feel about heading up on the roof in order to practice all of the things that I learn along the way.

There are so many roofers out there who get injured every day, so I am really worried that something is going to happen while I’m up there. Even so, I am not going to try to stop from learning all of the skills that I want. Even if I don’t end up actually fixing our roof on my own at some point, I can keep an eye on someone we hire to do the job since I will be able to tell if they actually did what they were contracted to do. Our neighbor works for a Madison roofing company and we asked his opinion. He was great about my questions, and he said it’s a great idea to get informed about home improvements – especially when you’re looking to protect the investment of your home with something as important as a roof.

I guess if all else fails, we can hire him and his company Paramount Roofing. He was super nice and it sounds like he could help us, but I’m determined to learn as much as I can so I can either do it myself or help the professional crew. And I’ve got a backup plan, just in case.